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The Ultimate bike jump fail

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Dave Pratt Live

Monday-Friday 9:00 AM

Image Home Improvement

[Saturdays at 8am] Hosted by Steve Deubel. Remodeling, Landscaping, Home Design, and More!

World Music Stage Radio Top 10 Countdown

Coming soon Hosted by legendary radio performer, Dave Pratt, this is where indie music comes alive! We’re breaking the sound…

Gun Freedom Radio

Satudays at 1pm Keeping Freedom Alive with Dan & Cheryl Todd, Experts in Firearms and the Second Amendment, on Gun Freedom Radio.

The Empowerment Team with Mark Lewis

[Fridays at 3pm] An inspirational hour of common sense information to empower your life. Hosted by broadcast veteran Mark Lewis

Dr. Ted Diethrich My Story

Regarded as a pioneer in the treatment and prevention of heart disease, Dr. Ted Diethrich, founder of the Arizona Heart Institute and Arizona Heart…

The Josh Bernstein Show

(Friday's at  6pm)  PRESENTED BY AMAC.

Outlier TV

Hosted by doctor and serial entrepreneur John Shufeldt, MD, JD, MBA, FACEP who interviews professionals at the pinnacle of their career to find out…

Home Owner Advocate Radio

Friday's at 1pm Fight Back Against Your HOA

Dads with Swag

Thursdays at 1pm I can do all things

1980 Something

(Thursdays) Join Ed Vanderlee as he covers one of the most talked about eras of all time.The 1980's.

Whats Wrong

[Saturdays at 12pm] Can exploring and educating on psychological challenges be entertaining?  You bet! 

Streams in the Desert LIVE!

[Wed at 4pm]  Where we look at the Headlines of our Daily News in light of Bible Prophecy

The Magnificent Leader

(Tuesdays 11 am)   Join Patty Azar, as she gathers insight and wisdom from today’s top business leaders.

Man Up And Lead

(Mondays 6PM) Encouraging Men to Man Up and Lead their family, Discover TOGETHER how to earn a REAL "Man Card".

The Real Deal

(Wednesdays 5pm) We Are All In — Splashing the Pot with Name-Change Scams and Real Talk About the U.S. and Indian Country

The Marketing Checklist with Hank Yuloff

(Tuesdays 4pm) Marketing is a science of choice.  Let’s make it easier for your target market to find and choose YOU.

Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle

(Saturdays 3pm) Therése Paul, is a well known Registered Dietitian, Certified Life and Wellness Coach

Sextacular® You!

(Thursdays 3pm) Dr. Lori America’s Girl Next Door and your trusted source for Sexual Wellness! Make Love to Life!

Love ON the Air

(Tuesday's 8pm) Love in not in the air, its ON the Air

Ethos Radio

Tuesdays 5pm A time to kill and a time to heal. A time to tear down and a time to build up

Cz the Day

Saturdays 10 AM Be Inspired and Empowered to Live Your Life, Your Way with Your Success Coach, Susan F. Moody

Power Couple Radio

(Tuesdays 11AM EST) Looking for ways to ramp up your relationship? Join Michael and Debbye to find out how different couples achieve…

Kids and Sports

Kids and Sports is a weekly sports talk radio show talking about the athletes that matter most – your kids.

Business Clubs of America

New Relationships   New Business

The Nonprofit Journal

(Monday's 1pm) Know the Report ~ before you Support

The Clinic

(Thursdays 2pm) Talk to someone who understands, talk to us. Hosted by Diana Cox, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, and Kevin Christopher,…

Mediation Talk

Wednesdays at 2pm  Mediation Talk, Taking the emotion out of the Commotion!!


(Friday's 12pm ) Sean Hoy, Comic, Artist, and all around awesome dude brings you his brand of humor

Hustle Sold Separately

(Friday's 11am) We’re not just a show, we’re a movement

2 Small Biz Guys

  • Wednesdays at NOON  Listen and Learn from the Small Business Pros

The Expert Lounge

Mondays at 12 pm  Bringing you information that is relevant today

Bad Business Bryan Laurel

THURSDAYS 4PM  Brilliant and Bonehead moves by businesses and the lessons to be learned from both!


[Thursdays at Noon] Sharing the sisterhood of Motherhood! 

Your Show

Are you the next Doublewide Network worldwide host?  You can host your show right here from anywhere in the world!

Today's Poll: THE EMERSON BOILER PLATE! An Arizona, locally owned business! 623-847-4788.

How will you handle the Zika virus scare?

Please select an option below:
  •   - Zika Shield: Mosquito nets mounted onto an umbrella
  •   - Zika Screen: Insect repellent for Big Surf.
  •   - Zika Trap: Indoor and outdoor traps
  •   - Zika Hunters: New reality TV how on Sci Fi Channel
  •   - Bye Bye Zika: Pro-Active for mosquitos.
  •   - Anti Zika: Trump will build a wall preventing all mosquitos
  •   - Zika Band: A wristband that also allows beer at Lollapalooza
  •   - Danny Zika : The loser who failed to get the gig in Grease…